FET Flagship “Robot Companions for Citizens” information day for industry.

Date: 27th January 2012,
Location: VDMA (Verbands Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau), Frankfurt
Organizer: Christoph Leroux, CEA LIST
url: http://www.robotcompanions.eu

The FET Flagship “Robot Companions for Citizens” (RCC) information day for industry gathered more than 40 participants from different European industrial sectors and associations including: robotics, automotive, electronics and finance. The goal of this meeting was to disseminate the RCC program to industrial stakeholders. After the welcoming note and a presentation of VDMA by Hannes Hesse, Paolo Dario  made a general presentation of the RCC Flagship highlighting its long-term vision and its implementation strategy. Lorenzo de Michielli , Alin Albu-Schaeffer , Antonio Bicchi  , each representing different partners of RCC, focused on specific aspects of the research agenda with emphasis on future robotics technologies and applications. Nunzio Abbate,   complemented these presentations by showing how European industry is capitalizing on the potential of future robotics applications. Uwe Haass   presented the potential economic impact of robot companions for citizens with emphasis on the area of service robotics . Christophe Leroux explained the way intellectual property rights generated by the Flagship will be managed as well as the mechanisms foreseen to foster the promotion of research results using, so called, innovation labs. The ensuing dialog with the audience was extremely positive and showed the interest for this ambitious program towards a new robotics with its potential for great societal impact. Explanations were provided on how to support the consortium and especially join this initiative.
Presentations will soon be soon available on the website http://www.robotcompanions.eu/

For further information please contact:

Christophe Leroux
Tel: + 33 1 46 54 97 27

Uwe Haass
Uwe.Haass@ tum.de
+49 (89) 289 25 721


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